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Jason Haskell

Jason R. Haskell

Certified General Appraiser

ACLB License: C000916

Jason began his real estate career working as an appraiser assistant with Herald S. Haskell, MAI, SRA in 1991. During this time he assisted in all aspects of the residential appraisal process.

Jason received his Oregon Appraiser's License in March of 1993, and began his own real estate appraisal firm in 1996. He received his Oregon Certified Residential status in June of 1999, at which time he was certified to appraiser all type of one to four family residential real property, without regard to complexity or transaction value. Jason has experience appraising various types of residential real estate, including urban and suburban single family, two to four family, and residential income properties. He has extensive experience appraising high end estate caliber properties with values in the one to ten million dollar range.

In January of 2006, he was again employed by Haskell Real Estate Analysis, Inc., under the supervision of Herald S. Haskell, MAI, SRA, training to become a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser. Throughout his commercial training, Jason assisted in the appraisals of various types of commercial real estate, including subdivisions, industrial, retail, and office properties. He received his Certified General Appraisal License in December of 2007. In January of 2009, Jason returned to his own appraisal practice, Jason R. Haskell Real Estate Appraisal.

Nathan Haskell

Nathan Haskell

Registered Appraiser Assistant

ACLB License: AA03289

Nathan obtained his assistant appraiser certification in October of 2017. He is currently training under Jason, his father, to become a certified real estate appraiser in the state of Oregon.

Connor Haskell

Connor Haskell

Registered Appraiser Assistant

ACLB License: AA03394

Connor is currently training under Jason, his uncle, to become a certified real estate appraiser in the state of Oregon.

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